Floating in a river of tranquillity



What Cambodians don’t know about freshwater and saltwater fish could occupy a pinhead.

It’s a fact recognised by top celebrity chef Rick Stein, who travelled to southeast Asia to write his Far Eastern Odyssey bestseller and make a BBC tv series about the food and culinary skills he picked up in Cambodia.

So come and experience the taste of the heart of Cambodian food. You will be able to understand, and agree, why Khmer People are so proud of their dishes.





Combined with our guests origins, the result is a mix of food culture prepared and cooked with local ingredients.


Western and southeast Asian food are a speciality alongside a wide selection of culinary offerings from around the world complemented by our sommelier’s choice of wines and spirits from our carefully chosen cellar of fine wines.


Under the expert eye of our resort’s experienced and acclaimed chef and his team, everything from breakfast to an haute cuisine dinner, a barbecue or vegetarian creation are made from fresh produce bought at local markets. All meals are lovingly prepared in a purpose-built kitchen geared to the needs of our guests.